How to feel good with Lagom Wild Ideas!!

There’s a famous saying, “Kill two birds with one stone!” So how about alleviating poverty and protecting the environment with one act?


Ban Ki Moon, the 8th Secretary General of the United Nations said, “Saving our planet, liftingpeople out of poverty, advancing economic growth….. these are one and the same fight. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all”.   This is the belief of Lagom World whose mission is: supporting rural women and fair trade & promoting chemical free living.   


Growing industrialization, globalization and consumerism driven lifestyles are causing  great damage to the environment—depleting resources and rendering our earth with non biodegradable waste, hazardous chemicals, polluting soil and water bodies,  imperiling lives of people, animals and all living creatures.


The time to change is now. To prevent and preserve what we have. People adopting sustainable ways in their everyday living is the only way out. Changing old habits of unconscious and unconcerned purchases to conscious and concerned affirmative actions. 


Consciously choosing products using 100% natural ingredients over chemical laden cleaning products for the home such as laundry, floor, bathroom, dish wash means actively taking steps to not pollute further our soil and water. Remember,  an average Indian home consumes 15,000 liters of water a month for their everyday use other than cooking. 


In other words,  by simply shifting to natural ingredients based home care products,  one home, over a 12 month period, releases 1.8 Lakh liters of uncontaminated water.  And that is why Lagom–a Swedish word for not too much; not too little; just right. Every small action goes a long way.  And when you combine your affirmative action with buying products made by a community of women who have organised themselves under a cooperative,  then your actions now take on a greater meaning—that of ensuring livelihood, dignity and fair trade. 


With Wild Ideas, you get to be good to your home, the Earth and the community.