Wild Ideas Laundry Liquid - 500ml

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Ingredients: Coconut oil based Castile Liquid Soap & Hyacinth Essential Oil.
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Net Weight: 500ml
Gross Weight: 620g

Product Description: The Wild Ideas all natural handmade liquid soap leaves your clothes clean, soft and fragrant. Equally effective for bucket and machine wash. Can be used for both front and top load machines.

Directions for Use: Shake the bottle well before use. For 6 kg load of clothes, and depending on how soiled they are, use 60 to 80 ml of liquid soap. Dilute the liquid in a mug of water and pour solution into machine. Run machine normally. Hand wash: Soak the clothes with liquid in a bucket for half hour before washing. The washed and dried clothes should have a gentle and soothing fragrance. Good for washing whites.

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