Kanji Powder Gluten Free - 250g

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Brand: Wild Ideas - Balance
Description: Traditional Nutrient Supplements
Ingredients: Ragi (Finger Millet), Sorghum (White Corn), Maize (Yellow Corn), RedRice, Green Gram, Peanut, White Rice, Kodo Millet (Varagu), Foxtail Millet (Thinai), Barnyard Millet (Kudiraivali), Toor Dal (Red Gram), Roasted Gram, Channa Dal (Split Chickpea), Cashew Nut, Dry Ginger, Cardamom.
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Dimension: L -16 | B - 8 | H - 23 cm
Net Weight: 250g
Gross Weight: 275g
Shelf Life: 6 months from opening


Your daily dose of desi nutrient supplement. Gluten-free porridge mix powder made from organic multi-grains & millets. Exclusively for people who follow gluten-free diet. Processed in a plant where Gluten containing products are manufactured.

How to Use:

Add 1 cup of water or milk (cold or warn as you prefer) to 2 tbsp of powder (or as you prefer) and mix well to avoid any lumps. Cook on a medium flame for 5 mins, stirring continuously. Add jaggery or any sweetener to suit your taste.

No added Artificial Flavours, Colours, Preservatives | Contains Nuts.

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